The Challenge

Monday, February 20, 2012

40 Days

Things you should know about me:
  • I'm a new mom (to, what may be, the most handsome baby boy ever - and I'm surely not biased).
  • I work full-time (and am the primary breadwinner for our fantastic fam).
  • My hub is a full-time dad (at home with Boy during the day), full-time student, and works full-time nights and weekends.
  • I like to cook, clean, sew, and all the other "housewifey" things I never have time to actually do.
  • I'm passionate about fitness - although the size of my current post-baby waistline might not indicate such.
  • I have two little dogs (a Shih Tzu and a Mini Schnauzer) who are fantastic little guys. 
  • I'm a people-pleaser; I dislike conflict and I try to be all things to all people, an exhausting task. 
Recently, as my maternity leave was drawing to an end and I was preparing to return to work, I remember, distinctly, a conversation I had with my mother. 

"Mom," I told her matter-of-factly.  "I know what I'm giving up for Lent."

This was particularly surprising to her because, at the time, Lent was still 2 months away and I do not belong to a religion that specifically participates in this ritual. 

"And that is?" she replied, sounding a bit perplexed.


Leaving my 9-week old son to return to work was about the worst feeling in the world.  But, it's far better for our family at this time for me to work.  Moreover, I knew it was going to ruin my time WITH my boy if I was hanging onto guilt over all the missed moments.  I knew I'd suffer as an employee if I spent my days feeling guilty for being there.  I knew I'd suffer as a wife if I felt guilty for not finishing the dishes each night or for letting the laundry pile up a day (or two) too long. 

I knew that if I let the guilt in, it would grow like a tumor and spread throughout all aspects of my life - and I couldn't let that happen.  Instead, I had to let the guilt go and hang onto the joy of each moment of the day. 

So, here I am, 2 days away from Lent and ready to take on my guilt-free challenge with a little twist:

Each day for 40 days, in an effort to remind myself not to
hang onto any guilt, resentment, anger, or negativity, 
I will blog about the things I am grateful for that day. 

I can't think of a better way to stick to my goal and count down the days until Easter - perhaps the most glorious holiday of them all. 

I encourage you to do the same.  But, if not, at least join me each day to focus on the things that fill life with joy (and a healthy dose of humor along the way).


Dianne said...

Bravo, little bunny! I'm up for the challenge. But in addition to the gratitude, I will give up donuts as well.


brie said...

Very cool, A. Happy you are doing this, look forward to reading. Squeeze your little man for me! :)

Amy Diestler said...

This is a great idea!!! I can't believe how much you have going on in life -- you are super woman!