The Challenge

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day One: Safety

I am thankful for: safety.

Yesterday, over my lunch break, I went with Hub and Boy to take my mom to the airport so she could return home after her little visit to see her grandboy.  On our way to the airport, it began to snow.

After dropping her off, Hub, Boy and I returned home so I could grab my car and get back to work.  I was running a little late, so, exercising poor judgment when driving in the snow, I was driving a bit too fast.

There is a freeway on-ramp not too far from my house that is raised high above the freeway.  As I made the turn to enter the ramp, I felt the traction slip out of my 1990's winter junker.  At this point I'm fairly sure I suffered a small heart attack as I imagined rolling down the hill toward the freeway. In a car with no airbags.  In the snow.

Thankful Moment: Better the junker than the new car.

I quickly gathered my wits about me and regained control before anything terrible could occur.  As I drove [carefully] back to work, I could not deny my overwhelming sense of gratitude to be safely on the freeway.  I realized how much of my life is spent in a car and how fortunate I have been to always arrive at my destination in safety.  I'm grateful for the reminder to take it easy and not compromise my own safety by rushing.  I'm grateful Boy was not with me as I learned this little lesson.  And as I sit here now, squeezing Boy's little fingers and kissing his perfectly round cheeks, I'm grateful for the safety and warmth of our home and the joy we have together.

Now, quick, it's Fat Tuesday - scarf down another cupcake before it's too late!


Latissa Marie Graham, L.M.T said...

What a great idea for a blog. I will look forward to reading from this, and be reminded of all the things I am also grateful for. :)

Dianne said...

And I keep thinking about the exploding biscuits and the dog that is still among the living and I think these miracles happen every doggone day, no pun intended. But it's still a good pun.

I am grateful that you are safe!