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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day Five: Baby Giggles

I wonder if interpretive
dance is included?
I am thankful for: Baby Giggles

Boy is ridiculously good about sitting in his bouncer.  He loves the vantage point of being able to see everything around him.  I take full advantage of this whenever I need to get something accomplished, like take a shower or straighten the living room. 

Today, the task was putting away groceries.  I put his bouncer on the island, secured him safely inside it and began emptying the grocery bags.  I was explaining each item to him as I put it in its proper place.  This was entertaining to him and he was smiling big while intermittently voicing his opinion, when my elbow (or possibly my still-large-from-pregnancy-and-my-love-of-pizza hip) hit the button on his bouncer to begin playing the [terrible] lullabies that Boy loves so dearly. 

I know all of the inane little tunes by heart at this point, so I started singing along with it and doing some interpretive dance for him.

At this, his smiles gave way to full-on laughter (he's still young, so it's not those big baby-laughs you might be thinking of, but it was as big as his laughs currently get).  Of course, with a response like that, I couldn't stop.  I turned on our favorite Michael Buble Pandora station and sang and danced for him until he drifted off to sleep. 

Thankful Moment: I downloaded a ringtone of a baby laughing and that's what I hear whenever my mom calls - it never ceases to make me smile.

Had anyone else been laughing that hard at my dancing, I might have had to have a good cry, but his laughs warmed my soul and made me so grateful for him and the silly moments we have together.

So, go have a good laugh.  It is undoubtedly the cure for whatever it may be that ails you.

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