The Challenge

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day Four: Every Other Friday

I am thankful for: Every other Friday.

Note: The majority of this post was typed on 02/24, but I wasn't able to finish it...since it was one of those Fridays, so my evening was full and computer-free!  So, you will be seeing two posts today.

Hub and I have worked alternating schedules every since Boy was born.  This works out great in that Boy is always in the care of either Hub or I, we don't have to deal with daycare (minus a few hours a week when the hub is in class), and our income hasn't taken much of a hit having a third member of the family. 

Thankful Moment: I love having a third member of our family.

This schedule is a bummer in the fact that Hub and I rarely get to spend much time together.  The exception to this is every other Friday (and Tuesday, technically, but Tuesdays aren't weekends).  Every other Friday, Hub doesn't have to work, so we have the whole evening together as a family. 

We can go out to eat, shop, watch shows, hang out - whatever we want.  And it's great! 

Part of looking for these things to be thankful for really means focusing on the little things that bring joy into my life, and any time I get with my boys is really the best part of any day. 

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