The Challenge

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day Three: Google

My mother also has aspirations to be a pirate - so
I have selected this logo in her honor, matey.
I am thankful for: Google (the Search engine, specifically)

I am a naturally curious person. I think I get it from my mother. I think she'd love to be a fact checker for a newspaper. There is no fact or tidbit or morsel of knowledge that doesn't seem to fascinate her. As a result, I like to know stuff. Not any particular stuff. Just stuff.

So, the fact that I have Google in my pocket (literally, I have an Android phone with a special button just for my searching needs) is endlessly helpful in helping me procure the answer to all of life's little questions.

Thankful Moment: I suppose this really means I'm thankful for the Internet, as a whole, for being filled with all the answers to life's most pressing questions. But, specifically Google for making it sooo easy to find what I need.

As I pull of a search history on my phone and computer, here are just a few of the recent searches I have done:

1) How old is Kiefer Sutherland?
2) What is the past tense of the word sh*t (sorry to offend anyone...this was important knowledge).
3) Pedestal sink with side cabinets - image search
4) How to increase breast milk supply?
5) When does the next season of America's Next Top Model start? (WEDNESDAY. Mark you calendars).

So, what have YOU Googled today?

Note: I have purposely withheld Kiefer's age from this post - how many of you are going to go Google it now...or already have?


Dianne said...

Is it shat?

Dancing with the stars new cast announcement. Tuesday on Good Morning America, mark your calendars.

Is Coco's behind real?

Average age of a prostitute in Las Vegas. Check for yourself!!!

Aye Matey.

brie said...

I'm with Auntie on this's shat, right?

And and and...ANTM baby! Whoot!

I think the most recent thing I googled was on google maps, as we are house hunting. Google pretty much rocks, huh?

I love reading all your little gratitudes!!

<3 cuz. :)

Lindsay said...

So I am pretty sure you and your mom have to be fact checkers because your father and brother are notorious fact makers. Consequently, I have also become a fact checker. :)